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How to Sell & Buy a Home Simultaneously in California
Posted by intodoorsblog — December 22, 2020
First, do some planning, outline your true intentions for wanting to sell your home, be sure that those intentions make sense, and decide what your next move will be. Rather rent, purchase, or move in with a family member, etc. after the sale of your home.
This must be in place before putting your home up for sale, and or the close of escrow of your home. Determine if you want to Down or Upsize, the new area that you are interested in, or can afford, and what it will mean for your work commute. If all checks out, you would then want to conduct some research of your own.
Perform a search to find out what the most recent homes have sold for in your neighborhood to determine a range for what your home is worth and what you believe that it will sell for. This can be performed through an online search by simply entering; What Is My Home Worth or by visiting You would then want to review your most recent mortgage statement to determine if you have enough equity to cover fees, the cost of your move, and possibly enough money for a down payment for the new home.
This will help in determining if it is a good time for you to sell or not.
If you believe so you can then contact a Realtor to have a complete market data analysis completed by area, comparison, condition, etc. of your property versus the ones that have sold in and around your neighborhood. A Realtor can also provide you with a range of what you would be due at the close of escrow after the sale of your home. If you plan to sell and buy simultaneously then the next step is to contact a lender about your financials to see if, and what types of loans that you qualify for.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to keep your current property as a rental property?
Most important is to speak with a lender to determine if you have the income to qualify for two home loans, what loan options are available to you based off your credit score, your current loan etc. Your current loan combined with your credit score and your current financials will help the lender determine if this scenario is possible for you.
  • Do you want to sell and then buy simultaneously?
If so, you would want to contact a lender to see if you qualify for a new home loan, what loan options are available to you, the amount that you qualify for after the satisfaction of your current mortgage loan, if you would have to sell your current home first before the purchase of a new one, or the most favorable option of closing simultaneously with the sale of your current home.
You can also speak with a lender about some refinance options.

Preparing your home for sale;

If your goal is to get top dollar for your home, then there are some things that you may want to consider doing if not already done. Declutter, make some much-needed repairs, some small updates, major or minimal staging.

Sale as-is or all cash fast;

If your goal is to sell fast, then there are a lot of options available out there for you. Investors are looking for sellers wanting to sell their homes fast every second of the day. Keep in mind that this kind of offer will not net you top dollar but maybe just what you needed or were looking for, as it is simple, smooth, and usually is performed with no appraisal or inspection and can usually close escrow in as little as 10 to 15 days. You can also visit

Helpful Tips:

Hire a Realtor that is educated. One that will give good sound advice, one that will hold your hand every step of the way to help you net the most on the sale of your home.
If wanting to receive top dollar put yourself in the mind of a buyer looking at your home, record your likes and your dislikes, and put together a plan to make your home feel and look homier. Also remember the way a home smells is just as important as it looks as well…
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